The start of your day sets the tone for how the rest of your day will unfold.

Have you ever thought why all these successful people have a common and a consistent pattern regarding their morning routines?. Because the probability of your success will depend on how you spend these crucial hours of your day before your work gets underway. It also helps you to ensure the chances of getting ahead in your competition.

We believe it that waking up in the morning gives you an appreciable volume of mental strength and allows you to focus and take on the day with great ease, it's not a preference mind you, these are all backed up by science.

Overall, we can say it that a morning routine will allow you to see big results in your life.

So next time you hit that snooze button, make sure you read my tips to guarantee yourself a more pronounced future.

10 million dollar Morning routines of Highly Successful people

1. Successful individuals have a pattern of waking up right away -

Successful people don't like to sleep in. They wake up early and get ready to attract the things they want. Research suggests that early risers are optimistic and consistent, they like to expect the problems and deal with them which is crucial to success. They take advantage of their brain wave states and its chemistry, the brain produces electrical pattern often referred to as waves, when you are first awake your brain operates around 10 and 1/2 waves per second , the range from 8 to 1300 hertz or cycles per second is the alpha state, it's being called the gateway to the subconscious mind , but when you wake up this early you are between theta and alpha waves , the mind is capable of deep and profound learning , being fully aware and focussed with an effortlessly calm mind in other words you don't have to work as hard , you are not thinking ou are just relaxing at the moment. Another important fact known by all successful people is when you wake up your subconscious mind soaks up information like a sponge, whatever you see, hear or are exposed to. The human brain can also perform an at its maximum potential as it doesn't have to multitask. The quality of work naturally depends on the level of focus when there are no distractions and noises to disturb concentration, the brain has a great capacity to focus on certain task and thus generate a balanced rate between quality and work. Those who live a grand life understand that the early mornings will power high levels of discipline. A disciplined morning guides them towards a whole day of discipline and this is exactly what supports their successful life.

Some most celebrated persons on earth wake up early, take for example Tim Cook (Apples Ceo) 4.30 am, 5 am for Cr7 and for the distinguished actor Dwayne Johnson (AKA the Rock) its 4 am.

Successful people know that time is priceless, and that's why they wake up early.

One bonus of waking up beforehand is that they have moments to look at that means to them.

So it's all on you and you decide how to spend your life, you decide when your day starts.

2. Successful people like to visualise -

Do you consider that there is an education behind visualisation? Well, effectively is. Research data has revealed that when you visualise, we build a stimulation which leads a particular part of the intellect which increases our action. I will show you a case is when a man experiences a stroke. Because of thickening in a brain passage, blood flow drops to the tissue, and the tissue dies with a shortage of oxygen and nutrient. However, if a man with a stroke imagines moving the afflicted arm or limb, brain -blood flow rises and the tissue thus preserved. This is an absolutely simple signal of the potential of visualisation. Athletes have recognized this for a great term. They accepted this approach to build up their action and endurance.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a classic illustration of visualization, before every game he thinks about accomplishing goals and performing with the richest potential, in the as considerable description as probable, and can thus perform it after practising this approach. Visualisation under hypnosis enabled a ranked Stanford male gymnasts to perform it for the initial term with several complex tricks they had been carrying out for terms. It serves in easing your nervousness, heightens your focus. At the start of your visualisation learn to construct illustrations, the more authentic the stronger it is to accept that it has taken effect with you.

Remember vision is not just some honkey way of making to your objective, there is an education behind it as when you are making this your brain is under your imaginations. 

3. Successful people set their priorities for the day -

Successful people don’t waste going. They realize that it’s imperative to take care of your brain when you are to spend your day using it to its highest capable potential. Develop a to-listed or a priority list. It’s important as if you don’t own a priority list, chances are that you will get through the day without getting everything done. Your list needs to have actionable things, things that you want to achieve. It helps you clear your mental chatter by allowing you to have a focus and not get distracted by unethical and less productive things.


5. Successful people like to stay in shape-

It may surprise you to know that a bit of workout in the morning can help you change your day. Barack Obama plays sports in the morning if someone like him that has such a structured schedule as the former President of the United States does can find time for, I am sure so can you. Successful people understand and reap the benefits of exercising daily. Studies have shown that through the exercise we enhance the metabolic rate in the Human body throughout the entire day. It also functions at its optimum level if it’s used for physical activity or any kind of bodily activity that allows movement. Exercise also helps to improve the mind and body synchronization, which as a result increases your cognitive skills required for your day-to-day task. It also helps to buffer ego and increase will power.It has the ability to make you happier , more motivated and less depressed .When you exercise your body naturally produces hormones as a result of exercising and this are serotonins and endomorphins and proteins called brain derived Neutropin factor (BDNF).Each of these hormones in their own way helps to reduce stress levels ,improves learning and increases confidence .It makes you more alert because ramping up your heart rate means a boost in overall flow and oxygen to .The brain realise a special brain cell dopamine which is responsible for motivation , a dopamine deficit makes you more lethargic and lazy.It is also responsible for satisfaction.It makes you want to do things .It also increases energy as a result of increase in levels of mitochondria up to 58 percent.Regular exercise also has the ability to strengthen your heart and increase blood supply to the brain.

So next time you think of skipping out on your daily exercise regime, think about all the perks you are missing out.

6. They like to have a healthy breakfast -

We know that Breakfast is the most crucial meal for the day. Time is a luxury, so you must enjoy feeding yourself with a proper and healthy breakfast.Breakfast can potentially reduce your risk of heart diseases, according to a study of university of IOWA published in the journal of college of cardiology , missing out on a breakfast can potentially have a negative effect when it comes to your cardiovascular health , based on the finding of the study.The american heart association also states that skipping out on a breakfast can lead to a host of other dieases including dieabetes and high cholesterol. A balanced diet not only has its physical advantages, but it also helps you to stay motivated and focused throughout the entire day. I hope you know the name of Richard Branson (founder of the Virgin Group); he is known for his breakfast habits. He has fruit salad and mussels for his breakfast. Nutritionists say that it’s important to take fruits as breakfast, as it supplies your brain with Glucose, which is important for your mood.

7. Successful people incorporate meditation in their daily routine-

We all know that along with success comes a stressful life. Do you know that although your brain is 2 per cent of your body weight, it consumes up to 20 per cent of the entire oxygen in your body? Have you ever woke up with a feeling of fatigue and your mind clogged with brain fog, I know it sounds nasty? So what do you do? Well, Meditation is your gateway for the escape. It helps you to face stress with calmness and eases so it won’t have the power to control you. It helps you to set the intentions for the day. Meditation helps you to make important decisions in a proactive state rather than a reactive state.90 per cent of all the problems the human body causes that is stress-related.A pile of study conducted by ucla australias university of adelede and alzimers ressearch and prevention foundation showed it can be effective for people experencing with memory lopss.Functional MRI showed a significant co-relation between visual spacing and verbal memory with lower depresion rates .Meditation also increases cognistion.Research have also shown that Transcendental Meditation or (T.M) can also reduce inflammation ,aloowing you to control host of other connected with inflamation like heart diseases , arthritis and a host of other factors. So instead of running from waking up the first thing in the morning, and dashing yourself here and there sit back and enjoy the peaceful presence of the morning where you can be alone with just your thoughts and allow yourself to breathe.

Let the inner peace repair you from the damage of your everyday hustles.

8. Success never comes in the way of their families-

Although successful people are busy creating their legacy, they make sure they are not busy with their loved ones. Barack Obama is a classic example of this category. They make sure their partners should not feel “left behind” by their lifestyle. Research suggests that spending some quality time with your family can help you decrease stress, anxiety, depression and it lets you eat more healthy and can also make you happier. It’s also beneficial for the kids i.e. if a family indulges themselves in a more heart to heart conversation it allows the kids to become more confident and passionate about life. And as Jeff Bezos said when asked by the New York Times in 1999, he said “I do not schedule early morning meetings, as because I want to spend that time eating breakfast with my wife. I want her to get the best hours of my day”.

9. They are Motivated.

“Motivated “ is an expression that that can be adopted for a person who has had achieved a lot of things in his/her life. People who achieve success understand that lack of motivation cannot lead them to either success or overall happiness. How can you be successful if you are investing all of your time on external motives? Motivation helps in clarifying a goal that you want to achieve in your life. It helps you set your priorities. The most important aspect of motivation is that it gives you the mental strength of a warrior, the push factor needed to move forward in your darkest hours. I call it the “voice of God”, let me know what’s yours?

10.Staying Hydrated

Most successful executives reach for water instead of coffee first thing in the morning. Having water first thing in the morning helps you feel more alert, sharp and re-hydrates your entire system and kick starts your metabolism. It also helps you to fight sickness and strengths your immune system, it will also avoid you from falling sick as often and keeping viruses at bay.It helps in keeping the chemicals of your body balanced , and regulates your tbodyemperature , prespirationand sweating.1.5 percent of water loss can lead to loss of focus and alertness .Even altheltes who were mildly dehydrated scored high in fatigue and confusion . Chornic dehydration puts people at risk for type 2 diabetes , along with high blood pressure .

A glass of water will also help you maintain a glowing and radiant skin. It can even help you with weight loss. Do you know that having up to 500 ml of water 30 minutes before a meal for 3 months can help loosen up to 2 kilos of your body weight ........... Yeah, that’s true !!

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